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Headquartered in Boston and Dubai, Valia Investments is a private investment office and research house that curates and diligences a portfolio of deals for international co-investment and development. Valia's engine is its unique network that connects business leaders and investors from the Middle East to globally-minded Western counterparts in the private equity arena.

Valia operates on the conviction that investors and business leaders from the MENA face critical barriers on their search for quality venture capital, new technology, and real estate development opportunities abroad. The Valia Partners are committed to removing these barriers to ensure that sophisticated sources of capital from the MENA get relevant, researched, direct investment opportunities from a partner with skin in the game.

Above all, Valia strives to bridge the gap.

Investment Philosophy

Valia Investments primarily makes venture and growth investments in companies with an underdeveloped presence in the MENA market. Valia seeks out breakthrough technologies across a wide swatch of sectors to this end. Valia values experienced management, sustained market demand, consistent revenue growth, established verticals, and a clear path to exit in its portfolio companies.

The Valia Partners, Venture Partners, and affiliates access their business networks in the GCC nations to bring relevant investors to portfolio companies. In effect, Valia provides its entrepreneurs with 'smart money' investors who strengthen each investment opportunity as customers, or distribution, marketing, supply chain, and business development partners in the MENA.

Valia's Investment Team compliments this process through careful due diligence, negotiation support, legal consulting, and information transfer for both sides of the table.

The Team

Mohammad Alwazan

Khalid Al Dabal

Abdullah Al Tobaishi

Sultan Alhokair

Valia was founded in 2014 by four Partners from the GCC. The Partners have strong connections in healthcare, education, energy, government, consumer goods, retail, and IT security across their home region.

Ahmed Alireza

Majed Banaja

Jeff Brownlow

Harri Hollander

Philip Owrutsky

Greg Shell

Robert Tobolowsky

Colin Gounden

Jeff Brownlow

Verdad Capital

Former Bain Capital consultant and policy pundit for the U.S. Treasury. Current Silicon Valley strategist, connector, and investor.

Harri Hollander

Kaiku Finance

Over twenty years of experience leading and investing in over 50 early stage ventures in Europe and the United States.

Philip Owrutsky

State Street Bank

Quantitative strategy guru and Harvard Ph.D. Expert in statistical modeling, illiquid securities trading, and risk management.

Greg Shell

GMO Investment Management

Global securities researcher and consultant, institutional money manager, philanthropist, and Harvard Business School graduate.

Robert Tobolowsky

Coalition Ventures

Private equity hyper-connector with deep roots in NYC and Austin. Specialist in real estate valuation and joint venture development.

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