Valiance Venture Club

The Valiance Venture Club is a close-knit band of Venture Partners who together make up the most formidable professional network of young entrepreneurs, investors, and sons of industry from the MENA.

Valiance Venture Partners are Western-educated, connected to the public and private sectors at the highest level, and diverse across the MENA in terms of national origin, professional interests, and sector knowledge.



Deals sourced by our international network, curated and diligenced by our investments team.

Business Development

Monetizable expansion opportunities in the MENA for family and professional business networks.


Monthly deal presentations, useful professional network, annual international retreat, and more.


A willingness to participate for the good of the Club, and a desire to help fellow Venture Partners whenever asked.



A commitment to hustle for our portfolio including introductions, advising, business development, and more.


An inclination to Think Big. To tune into long-term vision. To seek out international environments. To trust gut instinct, and to champion global trends.

Bashar Lazaar

Bashar Lazaar is Tunisian-born with strong family ties to the country, but spent most of his life in Geneva where his family's business in private banking has flourished for decades. Bashar spent some years in Boston as well go attend Babson College where he studied economics, finance, and entrepreneurship. Bashar currently works in the structured finance division of SunEdison in Paris, France, and is increasingly becoming an expert on both the traditional and renewable energy sectors.

Bashar holds a profound interest in politics after witnessing firsthand the Arab Spring in his home country, and has served as president and co-founder of Sawty --meaning “my voice” in Arabic--a nonprofit organization meant to educate the electorate through online workshops, debates, and interviews.

Bechir Bennour

Born and raised in Tunisia, Bechir met the Valia Partners while studying in the United States, where he received his bachelors degree in Business Administration from Northeastern University.

Currently, Bechir is managing affairs for his family's business in Tunisia, directing investment and operations in real estate and industry.

Khaled Jalanbo

Khaled is a New York-based angel investor and real estate developer. Before moving to New York, Khaled worked at the investment banking division at Barclays Capital in London having come through and chaired the firm's graduate training program. Khaled holds a Bachelor's degree in Business Administration from Boston University's School of Management in addition to a Masters degree in Real Estate Development from Columbia University's Graduate School of Architecture.

Outside of the world of venture capital and real estate, Khaled is actively involved in the arts, serving as the director of The Jalanbo Collection, one of the largest private collections of modern and contemporary art from the Middle East and North Africa. In addition, he is an ambassador for the Guggenheim Museum New York to the Middle East and sits on the board of several other notable art institutions worldwide.

Mayer Schon

Mayer is a real estate developer and investor in Dubai, UAE. He currently works in his family’s real estate development arm – Schon Properties – which is in the process of developing more than 5.3 million square feet of both residential and commercial properties.

Prior to joining the family business, Mayer Schon worked as an investment professional in the Abraaj Group, which is the leading Private Equity investor in growth markets with currently US $9 billion under management and operating over 20 offices across Africa, Asia, Latin America, the Middle East and Turkey. He worked in roles ranging from fundraising in New York to working in the investment teams across Tunisia, Dubai and Singapore. Mayer Schon holds a Bachelor of Science degree from Babson College concentrating in Finance and Entrepreneurship.

Rohan Mehta

Born and raised in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, Rohan has witnessed the globe's fastest growing city grow from strength to strength. Rohan comes from a family business in Petrochemicals, and worked at a Petrochemical manufacturing plant in Texas for two years to gain relevant experience after graduating with Honors in Economics from Northeastern University.

Now living back home, Rohan looks forward to growing his family business and diversifying into alternative projects and new ventures in the region, born from his business experience in the west. With an outgoing and colorful personality, Rohan is passionate about music, food, travel and sport. He is currently training to climb the highest summit in Europe, Mt. Elbrus in Russia.

Turki Al Rashed

Since moving to New York City from his first home in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Turki has attended the Columbia University School of Engineering, and has pursued a dual-focused career path in the complimentary fields of investment banking and real estate development management.

Turki is heavily involved in the Columbia University community, serving as the President for Columbia’s American Society of Mechanical Engineers, as a mentor to Saudi Arabian high school students applying to university in the States, and a leading member of Columbia’s Society of Automotive Engineers. Turki’s personal interests include sport shooting, snowboarding, amateur racing, and traveling to new cultures across the globe.

Zaid Al Rifai

After graduating from Harvard University in 2014, Zaid joined Boston-based investment firm ROSC Global, and plays a prominent role in growing the firm’s research and analytics practice. Zaid works closely with clients, particularly in the MENA region, to source and evaluate potential investments and is actively involved in supporting existing portfolio companies in fundraising, growth and exit activities.

Born into a family that has dedicated itself to its nation, Zaid’s father, grandfather and both great grandfathers served as Prime Ministers of Jordan. Zaid believes in the importance of venture capital as a tool to help entrepreneurs reach their goals and execute their visions. Through venture capital he hopes to foster a vibrant economic climate ideal for innovative technologies to flourish in Jordan and across the MENA region.